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Manage your portfolio in one place and get tech-enabled property management solutions, on-the-go.


Monitor your portfolio’s performance and make informed decisions. All your need-to-know property information is at your fingertips.

Digital payments

Increase payment success, reduce delays, eliminate cheques and benefit from an array of other services with full visibility.


See your portfolio with unmatched clarity through live market valuations, performance updates, ROI and more, as they happen.

White glove

Your dedicated relationship manager will guide you when making crucial decisions, backed by data & insights, without any conflict of interest.


Have your contracts, payment information, marketing assets, and more, all in one place, accessible through one app.

Fair, simple and transparent pricing

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Property management
Starting 10 AED / day
Everything in free onboarding,
  • A dedicated relationship manager, unlocked access to crucial insights
  • Tenancy, maintenance, and expense management
  • Portfolio reporting, move-in/move-out inspections
  • Exclusive new launch solutions to power up your portfolio
  • 3D virtual tours, marketing assets and trigger notifications for upcoming milestones
  • Frictionless switching from existing management situation
* No tenancy, no charge!
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Tomorrow’s cutting-edge app, today

We are moving real estate management into today’s tech-centric world. We seek to empower investors with intelligent, digital, modern day solutions that revolutionize the way you manage your property.

We’re reshaping the way
you manage
See your portfolio with unmatched clarity. Keyper is your go-to real estate dashboard that combines human innovation and data-driven tech to give you real-time insights and allow you to make the right decisions, at the right time.
is true power
Have complete visibility on your real estate portfolio through an easy, accessible interface that provides you with real-time market valuations and allows you to maximize your return on investments.
With Keyper, Landlords get immediate access to their annual rent, in one payment, zero default risk.

Meet the pioneers of change

Omar Abu Innab
CEO & Co-founder
“Having worked at some of the largest investment banks globally, I feel that there is a long overdue opportunity to better serve real estate investors.

Our goal at Keyper is to create value and transparency using tech and real-time data analytics whilst elevating the property management experience through end-to-end digitization.”
Walid Shihabi
CSO & Co-founder
“With my 20-years background as an investment researcher, & a seasoned real estate investor and manager, I have found the property market deeply lacking in solutions to address my requirement for insights, data, and analytics.

The solution? Build it with Keyper - a property platform built for investors, by investors.”

Meet our dedicated team

A growing team of real estate and technology experts, the best you can find in the real estate investment industry. Through a personalized experience, our team uses their investment expertise to provide you with powerful tools and insights, and ultimately, better returns.

Advisory Board

Our distinguished advisory board is a collective of tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and real estate investors aiming to provide valuable expertise and advice to the core team.

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Keyper, Technology, Digitization and Data

Property Management, Services and Fees

Is Keyper a software solution or a property management company?
Great question! We are both.

Keyper is a digital solution that allows investors and property owners to automate daily tasks, monitor real estate portfolios and access data-driven insights.
How are you different to traditional property managers?
Keyper is all about eliminating the hassle of emergencies, complaints, maintenance, and paperwork away from our real estate investors, but unlike traditional property management companies, repetitive tasks that once took up a large portion of the property managers day are now being automated through the Keyper platform. More automation means less time wasted, and with more time on our hands we can focus our attention on your portfolio strategy.

On top of that, we don’t charge a percentage fee on the property’s annual rent. Why should you pay a percentage-based fee when the work required does not vary with rent value? We believe in transparency, and we want you to pay for what you get.
Can you pay my outgoings on my behalf?
We sure can!

As easy as it sounds, just inform us when signing up and we’ll take care of it. After we get the details, we then take care of bill management for your property as well as the organization of all your invoices. All outgoings will then be deducted from your statements and reflected on your portfolio interface and insights reports.
Am I locked into a contract or minimum term? What is your cancellation policy?
Cancel anytime with zero termination fees.

We are so convinced you would never leave us, that is why we do not believe in lock-in contracts or minimum terms.
Once a Keyper, always a Keyper!
How do payments and collections work with Keyper?
Online payments and cheques both work fine. Our digital payment solution is set to launch very soon, keep an eye out for our updates!
How is Keyper data-driven?
In a multitude of ways, let us explain.

First and foremost, all relevant data and vital information relating to your current and potential investments is available through an elegant, intuitive dashboard. For the first time, you can now see a data driven eagle eye view to empower you and the decisions you make.

Second, Keyper utilizes data about the properties listed on the platform, as well as information from the market at large. This data, unsurprisingly, often leads to pattern recognition, accurate insights and a better live understanding of the real estate market at large.

This is what you need. Join now and we’ll assign a senior relationship manager to take care of you.
What does a Relationship Manager do exactly?
Keyper is committed to the highest standards of service, and we take it seriously.

Your Relationship Manager is dedicated to fulfill all your property management needs. Including, but not limited to, leasing and sale updates, investment advice, assistance with getting financing, and your average payment update.
What services do you offer?
Keyper offers a flat-fee property management service and operates a real estate investment management platform to allow all real estate stakeholders to easily access key information. With this blend of technology, data and experienced relationship managers, landlords enjoy a seamless experience through transparency and 360° communication.

Essentially curated for real estate investors, Keyper will facilitate the management of your property portfolio. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips. Keep updated with:
- Digital payments
- Digital document library
- Maintenance requests and status
- Rent renewals and timelines triggers
- Event and milestones notifications
- Occupancy rates
- Cash flow and expense reports
- Live portfolio valuation

Our fresh take on property management keeps you informed and in control, whilst letting you get on with the more important things in life. How does that sound?
What are your fees?
We charge a flat fee of AED 10 per day for apartments and AED 15 per day for villas. No hidden fees or extra charges except for:

- Happy beginnings (developer management)
- Unhappy endings (dispute resolution)

We believe it is unfair to charge a percentage-based fee. The work required to manage a property is the same regardless of the annual rent. Some property managers will try to convince you otherwise. Ask yourself if that makes sense...
How do I switch to Keyper?
We have made our switching process as easy as possible.

All we need to get from you is your name, email and property portfolio addresses and we are ready to go. Once the inquiry has been made, you will be assigned to a dedicated senior relationship manager who will help you with onboarding on keyper.

After you digitally sign the managing agency agreement, we will handle everything. We won’t start charging you until your previous notice period has expired.

Ready to switch?
I haven’t taken handover of my property yet, how can you help me?
Keyper will help you prepare the ground for a smooth property handover, by managing the conversations and tasks with the developer. We can perform the snagging of your property on your behalf, organize the key handover as well as help you with utility connections and final payments.

We will also start the ball rolling to find you a great tenant ready for when the keys are!
How do you manage properties?
At Keyper, we have 5 guiding principles in managing properties:

Maximizing return on investment. Through maximizing rent and reducing vacancy rates.

Effective marketing. Our handpicked network of leasing agents on the ground, our trusted network has grown through our years of experience in the field.

Retention. Screening and retaining great clients who are likely to stay longer. This way we help you save money and we avoid the most common problems.

Spending wisely. Regular maintenance and thorough inspection allow us to reduce unnecessary costs and guarantee you optimal asset performance.

Data, data, data. Continuous gathering and analysis of data so that you are one step ahead of the market, and one click away from the insights needed to inform your investment decisions.
How much does it cost me to onboard my property with Keyper?
Believe it or not, it is for free! Even better. Onboarding your assets, accessing the app, gaining visibility for your portfolio and receiving periodical insights with Keyper is all free of charge.

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